Tree Properties default
Tree Properties checkBoxes: false
Tree Properties checkBoxes: false
branchIcons: false
leafIcons: false
Tree Properties icon: 'networkIcon'
Tree Properties widget: {type: TriStateCheckBox}
Tree Properties widget: {type: ToggleButton}

Use the properties tab at the bottom of the page to enable or disable the CheckBox Tree and Model properties. Once the desired properties are set hit the refresh button to re-create the CheckBox Tree.

Alternative Themes

The Alternative Themes tab allows you to select different dijit themes for this demo. Dijit themes supported are: Claro, Nihilo, Soria or Tundra.


This Family Tree is using a Hierarchy store in which data objects (the children) actually have multiple parents whereas the Continent Trees on the far left use a store were each data item, that is, a country or city, only has one parent.

As a result, if you check or uncheck a child which has multiple parents, all parents will be updated according to the new state of the child.


Clicking an icon or label on the tree to the immediate left will change the styling for all tree nodes associated with the item.

If an icon without styling is clicked, the icon will get a solid border otherwise the border is removed. If a label without styling is clicked , the label text returns red otherwise the label styling is reset turning the text back to black.


Use the icon tab at the bottom of the page to apply custom icons to the CheckBox Tree. The icon tab option utilizes the CheckBox Tree Styling API. Please refer to the Tree Styling documentation for additional information.


This Simpsons Family Tree is using a Hierarchy store in which the objects (the children) may have multiple parents. As a result, if you click an item all tree nodes associated with the item will be updated.

The Parent Tree
The Children Tree
Select & Drag

Drag a child from the 'Children Tree' on the right, and drop it on the 'Parents Tree' on the left. Notice that the parent checked state is automatically updated according to the checked state of the dropped child(ren).

Once children have been dropped onto the parent tree you can move them around by selecting the child, or multiple children, and drag it or them to another parent.

File Index with MS style icons
File Store

The cbtree File Store is a specialty store that retrieves information from the back-end server file system. The File Store provides support for custom attributes, such as a checked state, deleting and renaming files on the back-end server. As such it can be utilized as a simple file management system. Please refer to the File Store documentation for a detailed description of all features supported and associated API.


The cbtree File Store comes with two Server Side Applications, one written in PHP, the other is an ANSI-C CGI version 1.1 compliant implementation.

Documentation Download
The documentation button below will take you to the CheckBox Tree Wiki. Before downloading and installing the CheckBox Tree make sure you have the latest version of the Dojo Toolkit installed. Click the download button below to start the download process.
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CheckBoxTree (cbtree) version 0.9.4
dojo toolkit version 1.8.3

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